Feeder have announced that they’ll re-release their albums Renegades and Generation Freakshow later this month.

Cooking Vinyl will reissue 2010’s Renegades and 2012’s Generation Freakshow on March 24. Both had previously been available through the band’s own Big Teeth label, but had been unavailable physically and digitally for some time.

Both will feature the full albums along with bonus tracks and b-sides.

Renegades tracklist

01. White Lines
02. Call Out
03. Renegades
04. Sentimental
05. This Town
06. Down To The River
07. Home
08. Barking Dogs
09. City In A Rut
10. Left Foot Right
11. The End With Time Goes By (Bonus)
12. Godhead (Bonus)
13. In Times Of Crisis (Bonus)
14. All I Ever Wanted (Bonus)
15. Fallen (Bonus)
16. Sending Out Waves (Bonus)
17. Side By Side (Bonus)

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Generation Freakshow tracklist

01. Oh My
02. Borders
03. Idaho
04. Hey Johnny
05. Quiet
06. Sunrise
07. Generation Freakshow
08. Tiny Minds
09. In All Honesty
10. Headstrong
11. Fools Can’t Sleep
12. Children Of The Sun
13. Sky Life (Bonus)
14. Miles Away (Bonus)
15. No Light (Bonus)
16. Arms (Bonus)
17. Coast To Coast (Bonus)
18. Along The Avenues (Bonus)
19. Find A Place (Bonus)
20. Stay If You Want To (Bonus)

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